Testimonials from Our Successful Coffee Shop Owners

“ A couple of years ago I opened a Hard Bean coffee shop with Scott Bortz. It immediately became a meeting place for the small community, and is to this day. The equipment was great, and the coffee was awesome. If the right spot became available, I would open another one, but I wouldn’t even consider it without being a Hard Bean. ”
- Barry Kerns | Hard Bean Cafe Owner
“ "I was so excited to become part of the Hard Bean Company because he (owner Scott Bortz) allowed us to do what we wanted to do, but he was teaching us at the same time. He's a good educator." ”
- Elizabeth Stone | Bada Bean, Wake Forest, NC
“ “ I chose Hard Bean over any other franchises or opportunities because of the ease and simplicity of their program. I liked that there are no franchise fees. It's mine - I own it. My decision to start up with Hard Bean has been extremely satisfying. It's kind of like a coffee shop in a box. If you've never had experience in the coffee business before, you can do this." Click here to view Diane's impressive video testimonial.
- Diane Martin |
“ [This is] not my first association with this great group of business owners who cooperate with one another for better pricing, better help along the way, and the ability to build together a name that is recognized for its quality, its atmosphere and its excellent service.

My daughter is the primary owner and manager of our own Hard Bean Cafe in Grandview, MO. We opened the doors on March 11, 2006. We are proud to have created a community within the town’s community. We have given the residents, business owners, employees of nearby businesses, students and teachers a place to call home. ”
- Cheryl W | Hard Bean Cafe Owner
“ Scott Bortz [and the Cafe Construction Company] helped me and my husband open a Hard Bean in our small town. We shared the space with a sandwich shop, and it worked well. I loved my coffee shop, however we had to sell it for personal family reasons, but I wish I still had it today. ”
- Kara Kramer | Hard Bean Cafe Owner
“ My family has opened two Hard Beans. All the equipment and furnishings were first rate, and the ongoing support was always there when we needed it. ”
- Dan Azar | Hard Bean Cafe Owner

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