The Buying CO-OP

The Buying Co-Op

As an owner, you have the option to join our Buying co-op.  This allows you to use the collective buying power of our stores to purchase, for resale, products and services that can enhance your sales and profit margin.  The co-op provides:

Access to proprietary products:  Our proprietary Hard Bean coffees and teas come from select roasters and other distributors.  These products meet our highest quality and packaging standards.

Access to our preferred vendors: Listed on our secure co-op site.

Enhanced warranties: All coffee equipment warranties are extended at special prices for the life of membership in the Co-op.

Store blog site:  Our secure store owner blog site allows you to share information and best practices with other stores….information that can prove valuable to you in running your business.

Online library:  Download forms and artwork that make marketing and running your store easier

A Quote from a Hard Bean Co-op Member

[This is] not my first association with this great group of business owners who cooperate with one another for better pricing, better help along the way, and the ability to build together a name that is recognized for its quality, its atmosphere and its excellent service.

My daughter is the primary owner and manager of our own Hard Bean Cafe in Grandview, MO. We opened the doors on March 11, 2006. We are proud to have created a community within the town's community. We have given the residents, business owners, employees of nearby businesses, students and teachers a place to call home.

Cheryl W. | Hard Bean Cafe Owner