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We are coffee business specialists offering a complete, turnkey package to help you build your own coffee café.

Our owners love good coffee and the freedom and security of owning a business without franchise restrictions and additional costs. Having built over 100 independently owned and operated coffee businesses and cafes around the U.S., Hard Bean is uniquely qualified to help you design and build yours.


How do you want to run your cafe? What do you want to name it? How do you want to design your café? Do you want to add additional products and services to help expand your business? Do you want to co-brand your business with a different concept?

Owning a Hard Bean Coffee café puts the choice in your hands!


We are an independent bunch
We are community oriented folks
We want to create a customer-friendly environment
We are rebelling against the big chains
We don’t want to pay high start-up costs
We build in small towns and large cities
We want to create a sustainable business
We want to grow our coffee business our way

Hard bean is not a franchise... we don't charge an upfront franchise fee or ongoing royalties, and we don't impose restrictions on how you run your business.


Our entire package is offered for $149,500 plus build out costs and working capital needs. Contact Hard Bean Coffee for more information and a free consultation.


plan a coffee shop to the look and feel you want like cute heart mugs and tasty macaroons


"Our training was great! We spent time on all the equipment and making all the menu items and when we opened, we were pouring great coffee. We are already making plans to add various menu items and promote local artists in the near future.

I was so excited to become part of the Hard Bean Company because he (owner Scott Bortz) allowed us to do what we wanted to do, but he was teaching us at the same time. He’s a good educator."

- Elizabeth Stone | Bada Bean Coffee & Things, Wake Forest, NC

“I chose Hard Bean over any other franchises and opportunities because of the ease and simplicity of their program. I liked that there are no franchise fees. It's mine - I own it. My decision to start up with Hard Bean has been extremely satisfying. It's kind of like a coffee shop in a box. If you've never had experience in the coffee business before, you can do this."


…I chose Hard Bean over any other franchises or concepts because of the ease and simplicity of their program. What I liked about it was there were no franchise fees – it’s mine, I own it, so it’s a wonderful program to be in.

“My decision to start up with Hard Bean has been extremely satisfying. Not only did they send me top-notch equipment, my package and all of it came together. The tables are amazing, the furniture is good quality. It’s easy enough that you can set it up. So it comes like a coffee shop in a box. If you’ve never had any experience in the coffee business before, you can do this.

“The training and initial support I received was stellar. Scott (Hard Bean President) and his wife came out and spent a week with me. They took me through every bit of how to make the coffee, so it took away that scariness… if you don’t have baristas to choose from, to go out and hire, you find the right people to hire that give great customer service, that love on your customers, you can teach them how to make a wonderful cup of coffee with a design in it.

“I would recommend owning Hard Bean to a lot of people that have never opened up a coffee business. I looked at several different competitors that were name-brand competitors, and they didn’t have the same kind of personal service they were going to give you. They were going to charge me an arm and a leg for the program. With Hard Bean, they really service their product and they really take care of you, and I have talked to several people in my area, because this one is the first one down in the South part of the area, I’ve had several people come by and say, ‘How did you find this program, what did you do, would you recommend this program?’ and over and over and over again, I would still recommend this program.”

- Diane Martin | Hard Bean, Lumberton TX

“ [This is] not my first association with this great group of business owners who cooperate with one another for better pricing, better help along the way, and the ability to build together a name that is recognized for its quality, its atmosphere and its excellent service. My daughter is the primary owner and manager of our own Hard Bean Cafe in Grandview, MO. We opened the doors on March 11, 2006. We are proud to have created a community within the town’s community. We have given the residents, business owners, employees of nearby businesses, students and teachers a place to call home. ”

- Cheryl W | Hard Bean Cafe Owner, Grand View, MO

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