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We Provide Everything You Need To Start
Your Own Coffee Business

The services offered under our Hard Bean Coffee program are designed to provide you with a comprehensive cafe-building game plan to assist you in building your own coffee business. We will share our industry knowledge and years of experience with our own businesses throughout the entire process, including pre-opening guidance and support.

let our 20 years of experience help you in building your own coffee business


We provide many benefits and support before you even open! From planning finances to building plans, to training you on how to run a coffee shop effectively, we help with a coffee business plan that suits you and what you want your future cafe to be.

Financial Assessment/Evaluation. We will work with you at the start of the process to evaluate your financial status and discuss funding/leasing options that may be available to you through our third-party referral sources.

Site Selection Guidance. Our representative will provide selection criteria to help you evaluate locations for your desired area. If needed, we will help you find a commercial realtor knowledgeable about the area, rents, availability, etc. Once the site is identified, we will provide a basic design and layout of the café to help you better understand the renovations and costs required. Our typical café size is between 1200 and 1600 square feet with a seating capacity of approximately 40.

making floor plans

Café Design/Layout. When you are ready to move forward with securing the lease on your favorite location, we will provide technical drawings, a custom floor plan and a café layout, all designed to make the most efficient use of your space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your coffee shop.

Before commencing this work, we will collect a non-refundable deposit of $3,000 that will be credited toward the total purchase price of the business. In addition to the café design and layout services, the deposit will also pay for the following, if needed;

  • Assistance with the development of a business plan that can be used to secure a lease and meet the loan requirements of a lending institution,
  • Assistance with the terms and practical aspects of a real estate lease Letter of Intent.

Should you decide to move forward with an executed purchase contract, and after your payment is received, we will continue with the following:

Build-Out/Tenant Improvements. Hard Bean will work with your contractors to furnish information needed to complete the tenant improvement phase and interface with your local tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.) to ensure your location is built out and ready for delivery and assembly of your Café.

Ordering and Coordination of Delivery. As a master distributor, we are able to source the highest quality equipment for the best value. We coordinate the ordering, shipping and delivery of all furniture, fixtures and espresso/coffee equipment to your location at the optimum time during construction.

On-Site Assembly. Once your location is move-in ready, with cabinetry in place, our team will arrive to inspect your contractors’ work, set up your equipment and train your staff. Our typical on-site time is 4 to 7 days and you will pouring coffee and ready to open your business before we leave.

scott bortz teaching a new cafe how to make coffeeTraining. You will be well trained on the day you open, so you won’t have to experiment on your customers. We’ll share our twenty years of experience in all phases of a coffee café operation.

Our training program will cover:
Equipment operation and maintenance
Brewing Specialty Coffee
Espresso and Barista training
POS and software training
Purchasing and vendors
In house promotions
Employee scheduling
… and lots more





Our years of industry experience have enabled us to forge relationships with several great vendors that offer their services to you at affordable prices.

Gift Card and Loyalty Program. Programmed into the POS system, this vital component allows you to build a customer data base from your very first customer. This, along with your custom website, can be effectively used for promotions, announcing events, and creating and retaining “friends” of the cafe.

Payroll Service. We have established a standard payroll format with a major company that makes handling payroll and workers comp requirements a breeze.

Custom Website. We will build a website for your store that will help market your cafe and connect you with other Hard Bean locations.

It’s simple! We will design and build you a great coffee café and a strong business plan, with your input – a business you can expand – all for $149,500. Once we’re finished setting you up and training you, you will have your own coffee business and be pouring great coffee for your customers!

The Buying Co-Op

As an owner, you have the option to join our Buying co-op. This allows you to use the collective buying power of our stores to purchase, for resale, products and services that can enhance your sales and profit margin. The co-op provides:

Access to proprietary products. Our proprietary Hard Bean coffees and teas come from select roasters and other distributors. These products meet our highest quality and packaging standards.

Access to our preferred vendors. Listed on our secure co-op site.

Enhanced warranties. The Co-op offers special extended parts warranties on all coffee equipment for the life of membership in the Co-op.

Store blog site. Our secure store owner blog site allows you to share information and best practices with other stores… information that can prove valuable to you in running your business.

Online library. Download forms and artwork that make marketing and running your store easier.

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