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Coffee Shop Drive-Thru – No Parking Solution

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You found a location for the perfect coffee shop. There’s just one problem, not enough space for parking. When the space for your coffee café isn’t large enough, it may make sense to consider building a drive-thru cafe.  This was the case with Josh Hammond from Omaha, Nebraska, when he found the perfect location but not enough space to build a retail shop.

What will it take to start a drive-thru coffee business?

Like starting any business, much of your success is in the upfront research and planning that helps you increase your chances of opening a successful business.  You may want to consider using a company like Hard Bean that provides support and proven business models that will help you save time and money and see to it that you don’t miss any of the important steps needed to open a coffee shop.

Given that a drive-thru coffee business faces some unique challenges compared to a typical coffee shop, you will need to consider the following:

  • Will your business exclusively be a coffee drive-thru?
  • What is the traffic count and pattern in front of your location by hour of the day?
  • Could you add a drive-thru to your free-standing store?
  • What will be the best hours for your drive-thru to be open?  Obviously morning through lunch, but what about after that?
  • Will you include sandwiches and drinks which provide you with the ability to be open beyond the morning rush?
  • What will differentiate you from your competition? In Josh’s case, it is speed.
  • How is the cost different from building a normal coffee shop?  Installing the equipment for a drive-thru adds additional costs, but that may be offset by your reduced space requirements and furniture and interior decorating needs.

If you are serious about starting a coffee business, you are in good company. Coffee is more popular than ever, both in North America and throughout the world.  The US market alone is larger than $45 Billion and has over 35,000 coffee locations. Of these, 60% are the large branded names. That means that there are over 14,000 independent stores, and this number is growing significantly. Building a smaller drive-thru business may afford you the opportunity to place it in a smaller community or suburb that is underserved by the larger coffee chains.

The coffee business is growing. If you are considering starting your own coffee business, you may want to consider using a team to help you plan and build your business. While several franchises can help you do this, you should consider a company like Hard Bean Coffee…..a café construction firm, with experience building drive-thru stores. Their experienced team will take you from planning to pouring your first cup of coffee. Unlike a franchise, Hard Bean charges no upfront franchise fees and no ongoing royalties. And, unlike buying into a franchise, you are able to build your unique drive-thru coffee (or retail) business. Being involved with a business concept like HardBean coffee provides business owners with the support and tools needed to succeed.