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Create your own Niche Coffee Business

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Inspired by some of our very successful coffee shop businesses, let’s share with you a few ideas which may provide you with your own ideas when creating your very own coffee shop business.

A location for clubs and groups
Listen to the interview with the owner of Brewed Awakening. They discuss how they are going to have a walking and biking group meet at the coffee shop. It will become their hub to meet, grab a bite to eat, and spend time together before and after their activity. Should this be of interest to you, make certain you provide a reason to stay. Have a wall or board showing the schedule for their next events. If they happen to have a competition, post the leaderboard. Provide a place for them to display photos.

Arts and crafts
Team up with local artists to run special DIY events and feature a few of your special brewed coffees and teas. An idea might be “String and Savor.” It’s a combination of easy string art projects that may take a few minutes to do, but adding the tasting of the coffees and teas will provide an opportunity to showcase some of your brews.

Holidays featuring coffee
Yes, there are several days, weeks, and months devoted to Coffee.
Let’s begin with January. The 4th week in January is National Irish Coffee Week. Seems odd that this isn’t in March with Saint Patrick’s Day.
February is National Cafe Au Lait Day. Learn more about this day at

Major dates to mark on your marketing calendar and plan special activities and events include:

  • May 16th is National Coffee Day.
  • July 22 is Coffee Week.
  • July 24th is Coffee Day.
  • July 26 is National Coffee Milkshake Day
  • August is National Coffee Month
  • September 6th is National Coffee Ice Cream Day
  • September 29th is National Coffee Day
  • November 24th is National Espresso Day

Oh, and include your own anniversary of the opening of your coffee shop each year to shop news

Another idea which we will leave for another article is to team up with local bakers and feature their decadent delights along with your best brews.

As you’re building your coffee business, there is so much happening that the last thing you will want to think about are special days, clubs and groups, and arts and crafts to keep traffic flowing through your coffee shop. Planning one or two of these ideas into your marketing plan will help to keep them top of mind.