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Starting A Coffee Business With The Hard Bean Community

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At Hard Bean, we believe in giving our coffee shop owners the freedom to run their businesses as they see fit. Unlike traditional coffee franchises, once you’re trained and opened, we give you complete independence – no royalties or rules to abide by. However, it can be challenging to navigate the complexities of the industry. That is why we’re building a community of coffee shop owners helping each other to succeed. 

A community of owners helping owners

To help your coffee business thrive, we’ve created a secure and interactive website that’s accessible to all Hard Bean owners, free of charge. This website is a one-stop shop for most of your coffee shop needs, featuring a blog for owners, announcements, details on new vendors, and contact information for all the owners to connect.

In addition, the website provides links to all the owners’ store websites and social media pages, allowing you to see what’s working for other stores. Whether you’re looking for training videos, coffee articles, or general advice, our website has everything you need to run a successful coffee shop. We designed it to be easily updated and kept fresh, so you can always rely on it for the latest information.

Join The Hard Bean Family

At Hard Bean, we provide everything you need to start a coffee shop without a franchise. Our mission is to help you get into your own independent coffee business at an affordable price.

To get started, you should have at least $50,000 in liquid capital, a net worth of at least $250,000, and feel confident financing more than $200,000.

Do you plan to devote full time to this business?
Will your spouse/partner be active in this business?
Will this business be your primary source of income?
Have you ever owned a business?
Are you prepared to borrow funds if needed?
Will you have any partners?
Do you have at least $80k liquid cash available?
How did you hear about us?(Required)

Please note: We are typically available to talk 9-5 EST, or by appointment